Friday, November 12, 2010

30th Birthday

Ive been pretty busy getting through my "thrisis", that is, the crisis of turning 30! Not only am I hitting this milestone, but Im doing it away from lifelong friends and my family. I had a great time having dinner with my new friends in Korea, but everyone back home was surely missed!

Mary and Jessica came up from Bundang for dinner, which I appreciate very much. They traveled nearly an hour to see me on a Wed night. My Korean teacher, Nammy, made it out as well as Se Min, and my corworkers, Zach, Ryun, and Kerry. My friends Anna and Kangmin also helped me celebrate at dinner. I couldnt have asked for a better time as all of my different groups of friends, coworkers, and classmates helped me celebrate this "dreadful" day!

On Sunday, Mary wanted to take me to a Folk Village and to Everland (a large theme park). I was supposed to arrive at 8:30am to meet her. That means that I need to wake up at 6:30am just to make sure Im on time! I get there before her, and we proceed to wait for over an hour for a bus that never comes! I also found out that her coupon to the folk village had expired, so we were only going to Everland. As it turned out, that was a great thing as we spent all day running around the park. We rode some rides that made me feel old since I never used to get motion sick as a youngster, and then bravely took on the T-Express that had a huge drop, straight down. I found out that Mary has a fear of heights as well, so I had to conquer my fears by myself at first.

Everland also has a Safari World where you can take a tour of many "wild" animals that are able to hop on top of the bus.  The bears wound up doing tricks and it was a great show. On our way out of the park, the cutest little 3 or 4 yr old girl kept staring at me. As always with Mary, she kept egging me on to speak in Korean with her and to play "Paper-Rock-Scissors". This wound up being very entertaining as this girl couldnt get enough of playing the game with me. Her parents were laughing too, and I think they enjoyed the free babysitter. I kept trying to lose, but somehow this girl was NOT good at it! She even kept throwing out "rock" behind her back without even looking at what I was throwing. It was hilarious!

Overall, I had a great day with Mary and look forward to another one of our adventures together. We always seem to have a great time and amuse/scare/annoy the people around us. You know Id have it no other way....

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  1. happy belated birthday... I was celebrating for you in Mexico! :*