Monday, October 4, 2010

Sickness and baby's

Well, September is certainly predictable no matter what part of the world Im in. It never fails that the first week of Sept, I will get sick! Ive had a cough for a month, and just now starting to get over the bug.

However, I did have great news in September... On Sept 21st, my brother Joe and his wife Hallie gave birth to a beautiful little girl, Lenny Rene! Shes the first girl born into the family in forever, so you know she will be spoiled and well protected! Lord have mercy on the boy that tries to date her! haha

My laptop charger also went out last week, and I finally went to Yongsan Station and got it fixed. In the process, I had the guy install a Korean program on my computer that enables me to type in Hanguel! He also gave me a free set of stickers and spent 15 minutes applying them. He was pretty happy that a foreigner was willing to type in Korean, that he didnt charge me for anything. 승리!

Im busy trying to get everything ready for Paris at Christmas time, and hoping to go to Taiwan and Hong Kong for my birthday in November. Until then, its off to the Folk Village and Seoul Land before it gets too cold!

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