Thursday, August 26, 2010


There really hasnt been a lot going on that Ive needed to write about. Its been consistently rainy, hot, and humid. Its not unbearable and reminds me a lot of Missouri weather.

School is still going very well and Im looking forward to my schedule changing next week (more breaks!!). I recently purchased some new clothes and I guess they made me look too Korean. Ive been told by several people that my English is exceptional and asked me if Ive ever lived in America. They really thought I was Korean...! Always good for a laugh...

Well, tomorrow (Aug 27th) is the day I go in for my surgery. Its a little nerve racking having your first surgical procedure done in a foreign land. Its much cheaper though, so hopefully it turns out well and the scarring in minimal. I should only been down and out for a week though. Im trying to reward myself with the Iphone4 but have to sign a 2 year  contract. Thats not an issue, but trying to prove that Ill be in the country that long is tough. Oh well, could be a sign that I dont need it!

Wish me luck...

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