Sunday, May 2, 2010

Prison and baseball

I had a fairly enjoyable week. At school, I had to suffer through 2 days of Open Classes and the remaining remnants of being sick. This weekend, I made it out to Seodaemun Prison and then to a Doosan Bears vs. Nexen Heros  baseball game.

Open Class at school means that the parents get to come into my classes and watch me teach their children. I like this form of accountability but it doesnt make it any less stressful. I made sure I had a powerpoint ready and was prepared with many jokes, The kids and their moms were laughing the whole time, which made me feel good. My director only had positive things to say about the class and said the parents loved it. 

I was finally feeling better on Wednesday which means that I was ready for a night with the boys on Thursday. Travis, Ryun, and I shared a great evening over a traditional Korean BBQ with the usual Soju and beer. We moved the party to our local GS25 and had a few drinks on the patio. After getting a little chilly, we decided to hit a Norabang and do our best Axl Rose impersonations. This meant that I had no voice at school on Friday, and Travis easily won the competition.

Saturday, I went with Mary to check out Seodaemun Prison. This was a prison that was used by the Japanese to "reeducate" and torture those Koreans that still fought against the Japanese Government and seeked Korean independence. This was a good experience and as always, thoroughly enjoyed the company.

Mary wasnt feeling too well after the prison so I joined up with a few friends to go watch Nexen take on Doosan at Jamsil Stadium. I had enjoyed watching Doosan play, even though they have disappointed me lately. I believe I have made the tough choice to switch from being a Doosan supporter to that of Nexen. Not just because of the quality of play, but because of the outstanding work of the Nexen cheerleaders! While Doosans girls put out great effort and are aesthetically pleasing, they just cant hold a light to the quality of Nexens fine ladies. They put on one heck of a performance during the game and I look forward to watching more games and seeing these girls hard at work! It also helped that Nexen trounced Doosan 11-3.

During the early parts of the game, we witnessed an ajossi passing out at the game. These old guys were hitting the soju pretty hard. At about the 4th inning, one of the guy takes of and gets lost. He winds up passing out in the aisle of the next section over! Oh Korea, how I love thee...
After the game Thomas, Mary Anne, Julia and I went to Gangnam for some Galbi. We relaxed for a while before I finally wound up in Sinchon with Craig and Kristina. We went to Ipub and had a few drinks while watching Tottenham play Bolton in EPL soccer. After that, we headed to Hongdae and took in the sights. I was hoping for an early night, but wound up staying out until 7:30am. Hongdae always has a habit of sending you home when the sun is up. Great week and an evening more enjoyable weekend.

On Wed, May 5th, Im going to watch FC Seoul play Seongnam at World Cup Stadium. Seoul DJ Fest is on Saturday but I havent decided if Im gonna go or not yet.


  1. So, baseball team loyalty is dependent on cheerleaders? hahaha

  2. It is in Korea as I have no emotional attachment to any team. I gotta find some reason to root for them as the talent level on each team is not very good. Haha

  3. Seems like you enjoy Korea so much. I wish I could go there too.