Monday, May 17, 2010


So not much has really been going on. Ive been reading a lot and trying to improve my Korean (which is not going as well as Id hope!). I did find a little time this week for some fun though as a group of us went to World Cup Stadium to watch Korea play Ecuador in a World Cup tune-up. We had great seats just behind the goal and it was crazy!! We got all kinds of free gifts and the excitement and national pride was amazing!

 I was wearing my new Park Ji Sung jersey that I had purchased earlier in the week. This was also a great time to break out the Korean flag that I bought in Itaewon for 5000 Won (roughly $4.25). I wore it around my neck like a cape. The Korean loved this and I got all kinds of comments and thumbs ups!

 It was also cool to listen to how much louder the stadium got whenever Park Ji Sung touched the ball. Deafening!! Overall, great game and Korea pulled out a 2-0 victory! I cant wait for the World Cup to get started!!

In other news, I did get to go shopping in Itaewon and purchased a few gifts for my family back home. I loved how inexpensive everything was. I was able to peruse through lots of cool stuff that I know my family would like, and still not spend a ton. I do plan to go to Insadong sometime to hopefully get my mother something special as shes the coolest woman I know!


  1. Would that have been a mother's day gift? ;)

  2. Every day is Mothers Day when you have one as awesome as mine!

  3. Mom says you are sweet, but that still won't get you any home baked cookies.

  4. Id do just about anything for some cookies and an order from El Sombrero! Get them to ship me some enchiladas!!