Monday, May 31, 2010

CLS and Seoul Zoo

So this past week was awfully entertaining for me. Lots of relaxing during the week, and had an enjoyable week at school. Saturday, I had a free CLS (Conversational Learning Seoul) class in which I was able to learn a little more about what this volunteer organization does. Im starting out in the beginner class and cant wait until next Saturday when I can really begin learning more of the fundamentals of the Korean language!

Tess was supposed to join me, but she was being lazy and canceled. I still went and had a blast. I met some nice people and all were very helpful. I took a Korean test to place me in a certain class, and while I felt good about my results, I am nowhere near the intermediate range!! During class, I ran into another former Missouri State Alum (Anna) and we had lunch at "The Tacos" in Gangnam. After lunch, I met up with Tess at Starbucks and we were wanting to go "hunting" for passed out Koreans. Remember, this is around 4pm and we knew we'd find them!! Instead of making that the primary target, we decided to go to the Seoul Zoo located at Seoul Grand Park. This place was incredible! They had a themed garden, them park (Seoul Land), lake, and the Seoul Zoo! It costs 3000 won (about $2.75) to get into the zoo.

We spent a lot of time at the monkeys (Tess's favorite) and then wandered towards the big cats (my favorite!). We spent about 5 hours there and didnt see half of what the zoo offered. It was HUGE! Around 8pm, we decided to head home and get dinner. We took this awesome sky lift that carried us over the zoo. It was peaceful, quiet, smooth, and provided many breathe taking views!

We arrived back near my house and ate at Outback Steakhouse. It was an odd experience but well worth the effort. The food was decent, but they treated us like movie stars and gave us gifts when we left and begged us to come back and see him (our server Conan). After dinner, we went back to Gangnam and went to Rainbow Bar. We met up with Anna and her friends and had a blast. Tess left around midnight, and Anna shortly there after. I stayed with her friends until about 5am when we decided to go to a Norabang and sing our hearts out. I finally crawled into bed around 7:30am. Successful evening!

Sunday, I woke up around 6pm and did a little walking around and shopping. I then came back home and watched a couple movies before passing out around midnight.

We have a field trip on Friday (June 4th) and then I will be going back to Gangnam for another CLS class. Im looking forward to sharpening my Korean skills and being able to conversate better with another language.

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  1. The big cats are my favorite too! (The monkies and penguins are D's favorite!) Looks like a lot of fun!