Monday, April 5, 2010

Spring is here!

So the past couple of days have been enjoyable. Travis and I began having a few Cass Red's at the GS25 across the street from our apartment. I do believe this is where we will spend a lot of our days during the summer. After downing a few cold ones, we decided to head over to the batting cages across the street and take a few cuts. We soon realized that we werent very good... We decided to make it interesting by batting left handed and placing bets. The person who made contact (yes, foul balls count!) the least in 14 pitches had to buy the next round. I fouled off 9 of 14 pitches while Travis made contact once (and to add salt to the wound, the ball actually hit his thumb). We then watched as a Korean guy took some hacks after us. Lets just say that Trav and I looked better left handed than this guy swinging from his "strong" side.

After the batting cages, we decided to go up to the rook of our apartment and check out the scenery. This place is fairly open and we can easily grill out during the summer and be able to play some catch. Soon thereafter, we decided to go to Woodstock (which was far from our place). On the subway ride over, a girl was talking on her phone and I just happened to eavesdrop (Its easy to do since youre not used to hearing English). I heard her talking about Travis's girlfriend Jaime and one of her friends. She was complaining about them dancing and singing, acting like they were in a musical. We thought it was funny and decided the best form of retaliation was too poke the gorilla charm that she had on her backpack. This did the trick as she got upset and stormed off to another subway train. The night just got crazy from there...

The next day, Kristina and I decided to go eat lunch at our favorite place. $4 for a pork cutlet (duncass) and she gets her usual, a chicken stir fry dish. After lunch, we decided to go for a walk since it was beautiful outside. We saw a staircase leading up a mountain in the distance so we decided to see where it led. We went on a nice hike up the mountain and got a nice workout in. At the summit, there was a random workout area where you could do situps, pullups, and some machine where you could work your core. There was also 2 beams that reminded me of Olympic Gymnastics, so I decided to test out my routine that I have been practicing for years! It was a very enjoyable day and I look forward to many more hikes in the future.

I will add pictures of the hike later on.

Tonight after work, we went to the large GS25 and picked out some supplies to make dinner. I just got some bread and ham as I already had cheese back home. After dinner, Craig came over and gave me a free haircut. Im feeling much better now that Im not shaggy and love the fact that cleanup was easy since we were in the bathroom. The hair just washed right down the drain! Hopefully it doesnt end up clogging the drain and make me snake it out, but for now, its all good!

I look forward to tomorrow morning as its Opening Day for baseball season and Ill get to see the scores while Im at work. Itll help pass the time during my free periods at school.


  1. I'm wearing red for Cardinals opener today - and D has an actual cards t-shirt under his shirt today.

  2. Boooo!!!! Go Reds, sweep the Cards I suppose I should say this week... Im just hoping my Braves sweep the Cubs, and the Royals can sneak a win or two from the Tigers.

  3. Opening day wasn't good to the hometown Royals. 8-4 loss. Bullpen blows game 1.