Sunday, April 18, 2010


This was a pretty good week. I began Monday nice and relaxed from the past weekend hiking, and it allowed this week to fly by. I got a lot done, met some great people, and finished off the week with a great day in Incheon!

After school Monday, I went with my AC Mandy to What The Book, which is a bookstore in Itaewon. There, I found many books that I want to purchase but settled on one, "The Aquariums of Pyongyang" by Kang Chol-Hwan. It outlines the life of a young child in a North Korean Gulag. Great read thus far, and Im just past halfway through the book.

On Tuesday, I had an odd experience at school. I was teaching a class about long vowels and was writing some sample words on the board. When I turned around, one of my kindergartners (Anthony) had snuck up behind me. I didnt see him until after he punched me square in the junk. It about dropped me to my knees. He had the worst look of fear on his face as he saw my reaction. I dragged him into the hallway and chewed him out, all the while trying not to laugh and being impressed by his stealth skills and bravery to pull off such an act. As I was tearing into him and noticed the tears forming in his eyes, my Korean co-teacher was walking down the hall and asked what was the reason I had him in the hall. Once I told her, her reaction was priceless... She was in disbelief and yanked him down the hall, smacking him on the back of the head about 30 feet from me. Towards the end of the class, he came back into class. You could tell he got a beating and was crying intensely. He was still quivering as he apologized to me. I again tried my best not to laugh at what had occurred during that class... Bravo Anthony, bravo!

On Friday night, our teaching crew went out for a couple drinks near our place. We wound up meeting about 10 other Foreign teachers outside of the GS25 and they talked us into going to Sillim to have drinks at Cocktails and Dreams which was next to Sexy Bar. Great conversation, flare bartending, cheap drinks, and great company made for one of my favorite nights out. I think I would up going to sleep at 7am.

Saturday, I woke up around 2pm and wanted to take it easy. That didnt happen. I wound up going to Gangnam at around 6pm for a galbi dinner, and stayed there for the nightcap. I wound up at Rainbow Bar (Not a gay bar, surprisingly). This place was a really chill, cozy place where they had a cool jazz band playing. We sat on the floor and smoked a strawberry Hookah while dipping our bare feet into a calm stream as it flowed by our table. It claimed to be a hippy bar, but it more resembled a mixture between a jazz bar and a traditional Korean establishment. I think this was my favorite place to go for a laid back night. After the bar, we headed to a Norabang and sang our hearts out. We got free icecream too! I think I got to bed by 2am, so it was a pretty easy going night.

On Sunday, Thomas, his girlfriend Mary Anne, and I went to Incheon for a BBQ, United soccer game, and finished off with a SK Wyverns baseball game. This was my ideal way to spend a Sunday! First off, we met some more great people at the BBQ and kicked a soccer ball around. Then we headed in and watched Incheon United dismantle a normally strong Pohang Steelers team 4-0!! Great game and decent atmosphere. The Wyverns baseball game was a blast too... I guess I just dont get Korean baseball though. In the bottom of the 1st inning, the first batter draws a walk on 4 pitches. The second batter then bunts him over... Why bunt in that situation?!? They would end up scoring 6 in the 1st, but could have added more if they didnt give up an out so early on. SK Wyverns wound up beating the Samsung Lions 12-1 in a very lopsided game. I did get to see my first Korean HR too, which was enjoyable.

I'll try to upload some pictures of the weekend in the upcoming days, so please check back and take a gander at them. For some reason my computer wont let me upload them now. I promise to get that done within a couple days! Off to bed I go, and cant wait for Wednesday where I will get to root on my Doosan Bears as they take on SK Wyvern. A couple of our new friends will be coming in from Incheon to root for SK, so it should be a fun night! GO BEARS!!!!


  1. You must now wear a cup to class. Jock strap check will be strictly enforced. ;)