Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Snow in Seoul

I cant believe it snowed in Seoul yesterday and today. Last week we had probably mid 50's temp and it was beautiful out, and boom, snow! Its like I never left Missouri!

Its quite humorous because people in Seoul dont know how to drive when there is snow. Everyone then takes the bus and there are huge lines to get on them. I even saw a guy dump his moped once he passed me and took out 2 ladies about 10 feet behind me. I knew that they were okay because she got up and started smacking the crap out of the guy! I stopped and took pictures...

I figured I hadnt updated this in a week or so and thought Id give you an update on things. We got paid today (for a weeks "work") and Im feeling a little better about being able to make it to the April 10th payday. Once that hits, I wont have any financial worries (fingers crossed) for a while. I will have to start paying my boss back for my dental work, but Ive arranged to pay them over the course of several months so that Im not financially handicapped right off the bat. Nicole and Jason (Owner and CEO) are very nice and accommodating thus far. One of them has gone with me to the dentist each time, and tomorrow they are delivering my TV (again, fingers crossed).

Speaking of the dentist, I finally was told what was being done to it other than just feeling the pain and wondering what the Dr. was doing. He told me that he was performing 4 root canals on my tooth (didnt know that was possible, but what do I know about the inner workings of teeth?). It wasnt nearly as painful as I figured it would be, and the swelling has gone tremendously. I only have 1 more treatment on Monday if all goes well. The dental assistant keeps asking me to go with her to the Art Museum downtown, and even asked me today if I had ever seen snow before (she evidently has no idea where Im from!). She is very nice and tries really hard to speak English, but shes hiding behind that mask the whole time so there is no telling if shes cute or not...

School is going very well. Im loving my schedule so far and cant believe how much Im loving teaching science to Kindergartners! Its quite a bit of fun, and they think Im the funniest guy ever because I act out different animals. They laugh the whole class period and seem very enthused and excited to be in science. My 6th grade debate class is probably my favorite as they are very smart and personable kids. I learn something new from them each day. Tuesdays debate was over Korea's greatest hero, and I sat back and listened to a great argument about Park Chun-Hee and Admiral Yi Sun-Shin. I love history, and no very little about Korean history so Im quite intrigued by this class. I only really dread one class, and thats because they know almost no English and just stare at me the whole time. It wouldnt be that bad if I wasnt supposed to be teaching them some pretty difficult things. Im really enjoying the people I work with too. So many different personalities that always keep me entertained. School is much easier than teaching in America (that was pretty easy as well) but is more physically tiring since youre chasing down a bunch of small kids around and they climb on you because they think youre a giant. It the States, it was more mentally tiring as you had to plan more and grade tons more work, all while dealing with the emotional swings of teenagers! I loved teaching Junior High, and I so far love teaching these little starry eyed munchkins.

I dont think Ill ever get used to the time difference. Its not the sleep patterns, its the sheer fact that when I wake up, the day in sports in America is already over with. It doesnt start again until after I fall asleep... Im still trying to figure out how Im ever going to watch the NFL Draft, Royals/Braves games, or the Chiefs!! Perhaps I can just talk a friend or my family into getting a slingbox so that I can tune in to local channels from 6000 miles away!

Craig and I are still having fun learning how to get around this city. It seems like we get lost almost everytime we try to go somewhere. Amanda, Kristina, and I tried to take a cab home from Hondae the other night and the cab driver had no idea where he was going. He drove us around for an hour and a half (we all fell asleep at some point) and tried to charge us $50. It should have only been a $10 cab ride... I tried to negotiate with him and give him $10 but saw Amanda hand him $20, so I hopped out of the cab. I guess she decided to pay the whole $50 instead of telling him to go to hell...

I met up with Kristin Marsh on Sunday and we went to the Korean National Museum. It was quite entertaining learning more about the history of Korea and we didnt even finish the 1st floor! We will certainly head back there a few more times as its free and interesting. If you want postcards, be sure to send me your address as I plan on sending a batch out soon!

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  1. So fun!
    You should check out and see if you can order the baseball games online. I know they air them live and you can watch anygame you want (Derek does this) but I don't know if you can like... tivo them or not. We've never had to try. But might be something to look into.

    Other than that, glad things are going well, and your dental work is getting taken care of. That is a lot of root canals buddy!