Monday, March 1, 2010

1 week down...

I know I havent updated this in a week, so I thought Id give you a run down on how this past week has gone. Its nothing too interesting, but Im sure that will all change once Im allowed to drink again!!

I finally went to the dentist last Monday because the swelling on my face hadnt subsided yet. I soon found out that it was indeed my tooth that was causing the swelling. I was told that my tooth had a hole in it that reached all the way to the bottom of my tooth where it met the soft bone that holds the tooth in my jaw. He said that because of this hole, pus was building up to soften the movement of the soft bone and the elevation from the plane had dramatically increased the amount of buildup. He said he wanted to work on my tooth, but suggested I get it pulled and get an implant.  I spoke a little bit with Nicole (School Director) and Jason (CEO of POLY) and they recommended that I seek a 2nd opinion from their personal dentist. So after getting worked on by the first dentist a 2nd time on Thur, I went to see the new dentist. This guy  said that my tooth issue wasnt that serious and that he could fix it without having to pull my tooth. After numbing my mouth, he spent about an hour taking a needle and sticking it into my tooth and scraping the sides, clearing out the pus. This dentist is the man! The swelling has gone way down, and you can barely tell there is any left. Not to mention that the pain killers he gave me are outstanding! I havent really had any pain in my tooth since last Wed though, so I still have quite a few pills left.  My next appointment is on this Wed, so hopefully he clears the rest of the swelling and says I can drink, and eat chicken again!

The week at school was uneventful as the semester was ending and few classes were being taught. I spent most of this time getting to know my coworkers and figuring out new places to eat! We went out to Itaewon on Saturday night and went to Wolfhound Pub. Nights are crazy here and the bars never close! I think I finally crawled into bed at 7am Sunday morning, and I was stone cold sober! I cant wait to drink with the others and not have to be the lone sober guy in a culture of drinking... The other teachers already poke fun of my excessive soda intake, but little do they know that this is me not drinking a bunch of it because Ive been cutting down. They just laugh and point it out because I always have a Coke in my hand... I did find Dr. Pepper at the GS25 mart today, and got way too excited!

Well, this was a 3 day weekend as Korea is observing their Independence Movement so it was a fun, albeit boring and relaxing weekend. I start teaching my own classes tomorrow and am excited to get the semester underway!

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  1. I'm super glad you are feeling better! What a crazy week! Glad you found the DR Pepper! :)